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The name for this blog was inspired by “One-eyed Jack” Williams who had a radio program in Phoenix, Arizona about 35 years ago.... His “Quarter Hour of This and That”. Everyday he started out the program with the statement. “It is a beautiful day in Arizona and I suggest, leave us all enjoy it.” It did not mater if it was raining or sunny, in the middle of a sand storm or cold and miserable. It was always a beautiful day. It is still my favorite way to start the day.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

More Good News From Iraq

At least for a short time on the 18th of January 2005, the Drudge Report had the following headline on his site. U.S. Army Commander: Media's coverage has distorted world's view of Iraqi reality... This is the first “Good News From Iraq” headline I can remember seeing on the Drudge site...there must have been more but I must have missed them.

For weeks now we have been ranting that the MSN is accenting only the negative and ignoring completely the positive events. With the power of the internet we can pass a good joke around the world in minutes.... if we would only start using this power for good we could ignore the MSM and pass the good news around the world in the same way we send jokes to our friends and make such a mark on public opinion that the MSM would be clamoring to get on the bandwagon. You may laugh but we have the power...we just need to start using it instead of bitching about the problem.

Above, I referenced a story that we should not let die. After reading it I could hardly disagree with a word. Let’s join together and do what we can to get this message out.

At present more than 7,000,000 have looked at this article....Let’s make it 100 million....or more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, Roberto,

I found the link to your blogsite in the comments section at ITM. It wasn't easy! I, too, wish some of the commenters there would find somewhere --anywhere!-- else to conduct their jousting. It's a lot to have to wade through to find the thoughtful offerings such as your own.

I read some of your posts, and was very impressed; e.g. "Seek not outside yourself..." I will be back to read more.


5:53 PM  
Blogger dcat said...

Nice Roberto,

I'll check you out again sometime.

9:11 AM  
Blogger dcat said...

Hi Roberto,

I'm impressed with your site. I see we are both monkeys:)

9:19 AM  

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