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The name for this blog was inspired by “One-eyed Jack” Williams who had a radio program in Phoenix, Arizona about 35 years ago.... His “Quarter Hour of This and That”. Everyday he started out the program with the statement. “It is a beautiful day in Arizona and I suggest, leave us all enjoy it.” It did not mater if it was raining or sunny, in the middle of a sand storm or cold and miserable. It was always a beautiful day. It is still my favorite way to start the day.

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Friday, September 10, 2004

We need to keep things in perspective.

Every day we are reminded of the number of American solders who have given their lives for the cause that we as a nation thought just. I morn their loss even if I have not known any of them personally. Their family grieve in a much more personal way. I also honor their valor and their sacrifice. They were not conscripted, but volunteered to be part of the military in peace and war. They were trained to do just what they are doing. I pray that they died knowing that they were dying for a just cause.

Today I heard on the news that the number of deaths reached 1,000. I am sure that in the next few days there will be many using that statistic to drum up more support for pulling out and leaving the problems in Iraq to the Iraqis. This would be fulfilling the prophecy that the men had died for nothing. We need to put this number in perspective. In our history, has any other war of this duration had so few causalities?

If you want to talk about dying for nothing...let’s put on the front pages the number of deaths caused by drunk drivers, all traffic related deaths, drug overdoses, murders. Let’s include the number of policemen who died in the line of duty.

There are many causes of death that should cause outrage. The number of deaths in Iraq is not one of them. It should strengthen our resolve.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point, here are a few statistics that I pulled up.

Deaths from traffic accidents in 2003, 40,642.
Deaths from traffic accidents alcohol related, 16,655.
Injuries from traffic accidents in 2003, 289,000,000.
Homicides in 2001, 20,308.
Illicit drug deaths in 2000, 17,000

9:37 AM  

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