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This & That

The name for this blog was inspired by “One-eyed Jack” Williams who had a radio program in Phoenix, Arizona about 35 years ago.... His “Quarter Hour of This and That”. Everyday he started out the program with the statement. “It is a beautiful day in Arizona and I suggest, leave us all enjoy it.” It did not mater if it was raining or sunny, in the middle of a sand storm or cold and miserable. It was always a beautiful day. It is still my favorite way to start the day.

Location: Baños de Agua Santa, Tungurahua, Ecuador

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Wanderer

I have always wanted to sail the South Seas, but I cant afford it.

What these people can’t afford is not to go.
They are enmeshed in the cancerous discipline
of security, and in the worship of security we
fling our lives beneath the wheels of routine and
before we know it our lives are gone.

What does a person need, really need? A few
pounds of food each day, heat and shelter, six
feet to lie down and some form of working activity
that will yield a sense of accomplishment. That’s
all, in the material sense. And we know it. But we
are brainwashed by our economic system until we
end up in a tomb beneath a pyramid of time payments,
mortgages, preposterous gadgetry, playthings
that divert our attention from the sheer idiocy of
the charade.

The years thunder by, the dreams of youth
grow dim where they lie caked in dust on the
shelves of patience. Before we know it the tomb
is sealed. Where then lies the answer? In choice.
Which shall it be; bankruptcy of purse or
bankruptcy of life?

Note: This poem is from an excellent book called: An Unexpected Light,Travels in Afghanistan by Jason Elliot. The title was: Wanderer, by an unknown author.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Old vs. Young

When we are born we start the journey to death. Helen Kubler Ross wrote in one of her books “Dying is the final stage of growth". This journey we are on may be long or short, happy or sad, and we celebrate the milestones that we achieve. Some automatic like birthdays and others that we, or others set for us. I believe that once we become an adult we put aside all of the childish behavior and take on the responsibility for our own happiness all the way to the grave.

Throughout this adventure of living we develop our own philosophy of life which changes often depending on our associations with others and who we pick to be our role models. We look to those older and our peers for guidance, by words and actions. We are not easily fooled by words if they are not followed by appropriate actions. We take what looks real and feels right and pass up the rest. We have a belief that we think is true at one stage and find a few years later that it is not true anymore. However it does not mean that it was not true for us at the time. We have only grown.

If we look at those younger than ourselves and see what we think of as misfits because they know nothing, do nothing or have nothing, they are just at a different place on the road. If they are dependant or in our opinion, acting like jerks, maybe that is the way their role models act and they have not yet realized they are on the wrong track. We all have an obligation to those that follow to set a better example. And society as a hole needs to set a better example of what is right or wrong. The movies, the music, the TV...can anybody justify the sex, the crime, the drugs that is portrayed.

I have changed much and often over the years and each year seems to me to be the best one yet. I can not do the same things I could do when I was 30 but my wants have changed so it no longer maters. If this was not the case we would all be living in the past and hating every minute of it.. When we stop learning, we lose our passion for living and life no longer matters. This is the point when I believe we become old.

For me...we are all important. The babies, the teenagers and the adults...and even the old. I would not like living in a world without all of these catagories.

I have been traveling a long time and when I look behind I see a very long road. And ahead...it appears to be little foggy.

Thanks for listening.


Knowledge and Wisdom

"Knowledge is of little use without Wisdom. There is no wisdom without spirtuality and ture spirituality always includes service to others". (Anyone know where this quote came from please comment.)